Future is Solana

How to permanently save these historic moments?
Once users identified these conversations with context, we can now store them on the blockchain. Interestingly, because of Solana's lightning fast network and lowest transaction fees, users don't even have to take any extra step. Because we plan to build on Solana, our future plan is to turn the current twitter bot into a full-fledged web application where users will be able to mint the conversations as NFTs directly from twitter. Similar to how "Hey Wallet" mints NFTs on Solana when a user calls for the mint action on a tweeted image. We're removing that extra step of tweeting an image from the process, so user can send the bot command tweet and receive the minted NFT automatically. The first step of the process was showcasing how contextual conversations on twitter can be easily captured.
We're actively updating our codebase and documentation as this will be an ongoing process. Once our technology is perfected, we plan to integrate the mint functionality in the application. That way, users will not only see but also mint these historic conversations as NFTs on the Solana blockchain.
Last modified 11mo ago